One eye open, One eye closed

“The fear inside all of us that keeps us awake, even when we want to close our eyes and sleep in peace. But in this crazy and complex world, we need to keep one eye open to know what’s happening around us to be ready for any shocks or surprises.
I believe we all have of living in a state of fear because of politics and religion that strive to group and imprison us. We are constantly being told that we are all different, that we have to be divided according to beliefs, nationality and color. These people are also prisoners of their own beliefs so I paint them with striped garments in empty cells. They cannot see beyond the space of their beliefs.
This is the condition of the world. The condition of humanity at present.
At the Last Supper, Jesus asked that we both honor and act with humanity. Our response has only been to continue to build walls between ourselves. But I also see light in that darkness, There is hope ..
Light up the darkness …..”

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